Peixe Rosa

About the program

Our mission is to enable innovative solutions for human health and well-being


Peixe Rosa is a program with the mission of enabling innovative solutions for human health and well-being. Focused on the life sciences area, this program was conceived in 2016 by the OutThinker Institute Brasil, with the support of Of Joseph PB&T Foundation, whose sum of forces results in a vector of solid experience and competencies, including high-level scientific research and deep knowledge of the market challenges in the life sciences area. Peixe Rosa will assist you in the conquering of new frontiers, with the best market access, support, and with the development of the finest product possible.

Who we are?

The OutThinker Institute Brasil is linked to OutThinker, founded in 2004 as a traditional consulting firm, we soon realized that conventional strategic planning approaches constrained innovative and strategic thinking. Outthinker is that revolution. Over the following 15+ years we led hundreds of growth strategy efforts, carefully refined a strategy development process (The Outthinker Process®), wrote five bestselling books trained over 1,200 “outthinkers,” and generated over $2.5 billion in new annual revenue for our clients to date. A consolidated North American consulting company in strategic and innovative business thinking that counts on a large client portfolio such as NASA, Boeing, Microsoft, Google, McDonald’s, Cisco, BNY Mellon, Citibank, among others. In the health area, its portfolio includes companies such as Abiomed, Biotronik, Estée Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Novozymes, Vitas Healthcare, among others. Its strategic role lies in the accumulated know-how in innovation and strategy consultancies for large pharmaceutical companies, from where it acquired a systemic view and sensitive to the needs of its customers.

Of Joseph PB&T is an international holding company that invests in disruptive ideas, projects and companies, aligned with the interest in inaugurating a new future for humanity. It invests in initiatives that aim and encourage the emergence of new paradigms, models and systems, having already contributed more than 30 million dollars since 1998 in research on HIV, cancer, heart disease, degenerative diseases and life extension. His long experience as an investor gave him a very clear vision of the particularities of the financial market, identifying opportunities where obstacles would usually be seen. Supports the development of revolutionary solutions in human cognition, complex artificial intelligence systems and manageable materials. And through her arms of Joseph PB & T Brasil and Of Joseph PB & T Foundation, she was the co-founder and first investor of Instituto OutThinker Brasil, and by association, of the Peixe Rosa Program.

How does Peixe Rosa work?

The pharmaceutical (or healthcare) company, through its R&D sector, gets in touch with the Program and presents its interest in the development of a certain product and / or simultaneous validation with regulatory institutions focused on the market.

The consultative committee of the Peixe Rosa Program evaluates the nature and specificities of the product, proposes to the client a strategic plan which identifies the spectrum of the research and development processes, the entities to be developed, deadlines, infrastructures involved and other actions necessary for the regulation of the product. product.

All steps are guided by precise procedures and the clarity of the system, so that it includes practices of secrecy and transparency, without prejudice to normative research criteria, commercial parameters or public interest in accessing information, respectively and when relevant.