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Broad spectrum antiviral for respiratory diseases

Biocompatible nanoparticles functionalized with a recombinant human mannose-binding lectin (rhMBL) assumes a nanostructured platform (AMPARO) capable of binding to various microorganisms with greater avidity, avoiding over-stimulation of the immune response.


Personalized Medicine. Treatment done by you for you.

It is an extremely personalized vaccine made from stem cells of the patient’s own virus, teaching them to find infected cells and destroy them one by one, completely eliminating the HIV virus. The virus related to lentivirus can activate the response to hiv in dendritic cells, preparing it to face the real virus in the patient.

NanoSensing Technologies

Detection of cardiac biomarkers in less than 4 minutes

Cardiac infarction worldwide has been the leading cause of death for people of different age groups and social classes. Along with the clinical examination, a rapid and accurate diagnostic test can represent the difference between life and death. NanoSensing has developed a nanostructured point of care (POC) device for diagnosing heart infarction that allows every general practitioner to be a potential customer. By simply changing the microcuvette, the same POC device can be used to quantify Myoglobin (MB), Creatine Kinase (CK), Type B Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) and any other biomarker.

Mimesis Hackathon

Mimesis is an online hackathon where participants will have the opportunity to learn more about biotechnology and AI, through lectures and workshops, and to put their ideas into practice, through innovative projects, developed collectively, with participants from different parts of the world.

The projects developed must respond to major health problems, such as Cancer, Covid-19, HIV, among others of great epidemiological relevance, through innovative technologies and applied science.