Peixe Rosa

Enabling Innovation
in Healthcare


Peixe Rosa is a CRO program with the mission of enabling innovative solutions for human health and well-being. Focused on the life sciences area, this program was conceived in 2016 by the OutThinker Institute Brasil, with the support of Of Joseph PB&T Foundation, whose sum of forces results in a vector of solid experience and competencies, including high-level scientific research and deep knowledge of the market challenges in the life sciences area. Peixe Rosa will assist you in the conquering of new frontiers, with the best market access, support, and with the development of the finest product possible.

*The program is sponsored by a Non-Profit Social Organization.

The Peixe Rosa CRO program

The Peixe Rosa CRO progam can provide services such as biopharmaceutical development, biological testing development, commercialization, preclinical research, clinical research, clinical trial management and pharmacovigilance.

Our aim is to simplify entry into the drug markets and reduce costs for companies that develop new drugs in niche markets. We also support foundations, research institutions and universities, as well as organizations and associations. (such as ANVISA, FDA, EMA, etc.).


Step into the unknown

Our experience will be your guide

The mission of the Peixe Rosa Program is to pass on the expertise that our multidisciplinary team acquired, and our network of top-notch professionals, in over a decade developing a wide range of projects together with large companies around the globe. All this cooperative effort is directed to fast developing countries, such as Brazil, land of incomparable investment opportunities and a door opener to Mercosul. Peixe Rosa can assist your company succeed in multicultural countries through different kinds of consulting, market researches, Prototyping, Intellectual Property Protection, and the highest Legal Support when going overseas. Our goal is to support you, when stepping into the unknown.

How does Peixe Rosa work?


Registration Form

Help us understand what you need by filling our registration form.


Data Analysis

The program board will analyze the case according to the data provided.



If the initiative is approved, it will be contacted informing the start of the process.


Intellectual Property and Validation

Procedures will be taken for the protection of intellectual property, product validation, trademark registration, regulatory affairs, and formal structuring of the initiative.


Acceleration and Monitoring

Partners from the target region will be contacted to accelerate the expansion process and monitor the suitability of the product for the local culture.


Report an Evaluation

A report will be generated with the evaluation of viability of the product / service and the expansion procedure.

Our recent cases


It is an extremely personalized vaccine made from stem cells of the patient’s own virus, teaching them to find infected cells and destroy them one by one, completely eliminating the HIV virus.


Broad spectrum antiviral for respiratory diseases.


Detection of cardiac biomarkers in less than 4 minutes

Mimesis Hackathon

An online hackathon where participants will have the opportunity to learn more about biotechnology and AI, through lectures and workshops, and to put their ideas into practice, through innovative projects, developed collectively, with participants from different parts of the world.


Our Partners

The company we keep

Companies that work with our Organizers.

Where is the Program acting?

The Peixe Rosa program is present in the largest regions of the State of Pernambuco. Positively impacting the cities of Recife, Olinda, Goiana Caruaru, Pesqueira and Arcoverde.

Where are we?

In the first phase of implementation, the Peixe Rosa Program is focused on the Northeast region of Brazil, Pernambuco, the Brazilian state which is the closest to Europe, and the country’s second largest medical center. It already has the working force of a wide range network of laboratories, universities, and research centers, mostly public, focused on cutting-edge research in the field of life sciences. For the next phase, which is already underway, we are building an industrial park of technological development in life sciences that will accommodate future projects and will provide support to our partners.